Final Word from Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The German police are investigating the 2009 sale of the Mibrag mines to ČEZ and J&T, which is a case that involves four of the largest Czech companies (ČEZ, EPH, J&T, PPF). The Czech police also looked into the Mibrag sale but dropped the investigation. Not so lucky is poor Ivan Kyselý, who is the only businessman sitting in jail in the Olomouc case, even though one of the search warrants there also leads to ČEZ and its purchase of solar farms. A possible explanation is that Kyselý is merely a mini-godfather, without political or police protection that extends much beyond his region. Or at least now that Ivan Bílek has resigned as head of the GIBS internal-affairs unit. No matter who takes over from Bílek, we will likely see yet another shift of power from regional fiefdoms to the national level, where the oligarchal families are in firm control. The only hope for non-selective justice will then be foreign intervention, such as in the Mibrag matter. [Czech Republic EP Holding Saxony energy coal]

Glossary of difficult words

fiefdom - the estate or domain of a feudal lord; anything, as an organization or real estate, owned or controlled by one dominant person or group.

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