Final Word from Tuesday, December 22, 2015

TOP 09 Vice Chair Helena Langšádlová declared in Parliament on Fri. that Andrej Babiš abuses his official position to gain access to tax information that he doesn't have a right to as finance minister and to send auditors to visit those he doesn't like or who stand up to him. Her logic is simple: If he abuses tax information now, he can also be expected to abuse data gathered as part of his anti-corruption drive. TV Nova gave prominent coverage to Langšádlová's remark on Fri., thereby continuing its editorial policy of gently deriding Babiš. (We first wrote about this in May.) TV Nova is a perfect example of a company that could fall victim to Babiš's invoice-matching system. It's chief rival, TV Prima, could calculate almost exactly how much Nova charges its individual customers for advertising. That is, of course, if someone who doesn't have the right to TV Nova's invoice-matching returns somehow illegally gained access to them. [Czech Republic EET kontrolní hlášení]

Glossary of difficult words

to stand up to someone - to confront someone fearlessly; to make a spirited defense against someone or something;

to deride someone - to express contempt for someone; to ridicule someone;

return - an official report or statement submitted in response to a formal demand.

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