Final Word from Wednesday, June 15, 2016

When PM Bohuslav Sobotka declared last month that ANO was playing to the interests of tobacco lobbyists by voting against the anti-smoking bill, the media didn't challenge him to explain what he meant. Did ANO's MPs take bribes? What about ČSSD's MPs, who also contributed to the bill's demise? Sobotka, as PM, called into question the rule of law in the country, yet the media gave him a pass. One of the most significant aspects of the latest scandal involving the reorganization of the police is that the pro-ČSSD media - esp. Economia - are no longer giving Sobotka a pass. They're being critical of Sobotka, Interior Min. Milan Chovanec and Police Pres. Tomáš Tuhý. Respekt even wondered whether they are trying to nip an investigation involving ČSSD in the bud. Economia's journalists are finally doing their jobs. Perhaps they can now start asking questions about ČSSD's role in the CEFC investments and the Škoda Transportation arbitration. [Czech Republic ÚOOZ China Czech Railways]

Glossary of difficult words

get out of jail free card - something that will immediately resolve or relieve an undesirable situation, especially that which results in no or minimal consequences. A reference to the board game Monopoly, in which this card allows players to leave the jail space without missing a turn;

to give someone a pass - to overlook something someone has done or to give it only a cursory examination;

to nip in the bud - to put an end to something before it develops into something larger.


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