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If an award went to the person with the most self-serving anti-corruption activity, Radim Jančura would be a shoo-in. Jančura systematically chooses the corruption issues that affect his rail & bus business, whether it's when he asks if Milan Chovanec is a gangster or is merely being led around by gangsters, or when he calls Martin Roman the biggest criminal and biggest mofo in the country. The corruption pipeline Jančura targets in his civic activities is Martin Roman >> ČEZ >> Škoda Transportation >> Czech Railways >> ČSSD. If there were an award for the political party with the most self-serving anti-corruption activity, it would go to this same ČSSD. Much of what it does in this respect - including its virulent anti-Babiš campaign - is meant to counter efforts by Jančura, Babiš and a few others to expose and disrupt its own corruption. The contract registry, for example, isn't perfect, but if ČSSD wants to abolish it, it's because it would drill big holes in its pipeline. [Czech Republic Student Agency RegioJet motherfucker]

Glossary of difficult words

self-serving - serving to further one's own selfish interests;

shoo-in - a person or thing that is certain to succeed, esp. someone who is certain to win a competition;

mofo - slightly less vulgar short form of "motherfucker";

virulent - bitterly hostile.

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