Final Word from Wednesday, August 28, 2019

When we wrote 10 months ago about the conflict of interest of František Lutonský as deputy news editor at Czech TV and spouse of Partner Jana Lutonská of Bison & Rose, he responded with insults and a smear campaign against us. He never refuted what we wrote. When the Prague senior prosecutor's office announced last week that a former employee of the ÚZSI foreign-intelligence agency had been charged with abuse of position, all the media, including ČT, identified the person as ex-Dep. Director Zdeněk Blahut. Unlike ČT, though, many media outlets said that it related to the purchase of Agáta eavesdropping equipment. Why would Czech TV, with its huge budget for finding the truth, avoid mentioning Agáta? Could it be because Blahut was brought in by then-Interior Min. Milan Chovanec, who was being advised by PR expert Miloš Růžička, who was a partner at Bison & Rose with Jana Lutonská, who is married to Dep. News Dir. František Lutonský? [ Czech Republic public relations Television IMSI-catcher ČSSD ]

Glossary of difficult words

to steer clear of - to take care to avoid or keep away from;

smear campaign - a plan to discredit a public figure by making false accusations;

to refute - to prove that someone or something is wrong.


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