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We live in the era of destruction, during which the Western world is systematically tearing down many of the monuments of its civilization built over generations, some of which were good and some bad. Normally, a fantastically rich businessman with a seat at the table next to leading financiers, statesmen and defenders of democracy couldn't face criminal charges and a long prison term. Normally, a prime minister who did the businessman's bidding in exchange for power and glory could quickly transition into a career as a high-paid consultant and corporate director. Normally, a lawyer who exerts influence over the judiciary from the Constitutional Court on down, the bar association, the arbitration court, the public and private media, and a main political party could intervene to nip any spot of bother in the bud. But we live in the era of destruction, and no one is immune. Prison for these pillars of society might be unlikely, but it's no longer beyond the realms of possibility. [ Czech Republic OKD mines Zdeněk Bakala Bohuslav Sobotka Radek Pokorný ]

Glossary of difficult words

ČSSD a.s. - our name for a group of criminal interests that have used ČSSD as a front for promoting and defending their commercial activities; 

to do someone's bidding - to act upon the order or request of someone; 

to transition - to undergo or cause to undergo a process or period of transition; 

corporate director - a member of a company's board of directors; 

bar association - a professional group for lawyers; 

to nip in the bud - to suppress or destroy at an early stage; 

to have a spot of bother - to have a small amount of trouble, difficulty or unpleasantness with some task, thing or person; 

pillar of society - a particularly active, respected and influential member of one's local social sphere; 

realm - a field or domain of activity or interest.

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