Final Word from Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Million Moments for Democracy civic group had a casting call at Klárov in Prague on Tues. for a production called a "Future without Babiš." It was an audition, but the organizers knew in advance who was going to win. Everything was arranged for the grand entrance of Prague 7 Mayor Jan Čižinský. He used his share of the million moments to plug the foundation of a new "Magnificent 3,000" civic initiative. The other auditioners are now understandably a bit perturbed. Mikuláš Minář and Benjamin Roll of Million Moments lured them there on false pretences. They promised to give the stage to "representatives of democratic parties," yet Čižinský represented no such party. Instead, he and the organizers sprang a surprise on the auditioners and the judges (the audience) and gave them all a "gift" they weren't expecting. Million Moments no doubt meant it well, but it violated the rules of the game. Which is in principle exactly what it accuses Andrej Babiš of doing. [ Czech Republic 3000 statečných Praha sobě ]

Glossary of difficult words

casting call - a process for selecting a certain type of actor, dancer, singer, or extra for a particular role or part in a script, screenplay, or teleplay; 

audition - an interview for a role or job as a singer, actor, dancer, or musician, consisting of a practical demonstration of the candidate's suitability and skill; 

entrance - the arrival of an actor or performer onto a stage;

to plug - to mention (a product, event or establishment) publicly in order to promote it; 

Magnificent 3,000 - inspired by the Czech name of the film The Magnificent Seven (Sedm statečných); 

perturbed - upset; angry; 

to lure - to attract; 

false pretences - behavior intended to deceive others.

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