Final Word from Wednesday, February 10, 2021

State propaganda can't work the same in a democracy as it does in a totalitarian system. Communist leaders could just close the borders and make it clear that most of the citizens would never be allowed to go beyond them. Democratic leaders can't declare outright that most people will never be allowed to leave. So they lie like epidemiologists and dish out their propaganda in doses. Bill Gates knew from the beginning that children would be vaccinated, otherwise he wouldn't have declared that the goal was to give shots to 7bn people. Anthony Fauci also knew this, otherwise he wouldn't have spoken about needing to vaccinate 285m of the 330m Americans for herd immunity. Yet the mass propaganda about the need to vaccinate all children is only just beginning. Israel has started talking about it, and TV Nova ran it as a lead story last night. But testing on kids aged 12-16 is only in the early stages, so our precious children will now get the blame for the continued lockdown. [ Czech Republic Television Joe Biden United States Moderna Pfizer ]

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to dish something out - to dispense something in a casual or indiscriminate way.

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