Final Word from Monday, March 8, 2021

All six people listed by MFD as being likely members of a new expert team for advising on the epidemiological situation, headed by epidemiologist/infectiologist Petr Smejkal, are also founding signatories of the "Forty Days for the Health of the People and the Economy" petition. That document, issued on Feb. 23, calls for a 40-day society-wide lockdown, including the mandatory shutdown of companies and industry, after which the number of new corona infections would drop below 1,000 per day, the rains would stop falling, the skies would again be blue, and the occupants of the ark could open the doors and resume life on this earth. Even before the experts have taken up their new advisory positions, they know the solution to the problem. It doesn't include exercise, good nutrition, immunity-boosting or even coronavirus testing and vaccinations. Just a nationwide shutdown of biblical proportions. Only the lucky few on the ark would be saved from the deluge. [ Czech Republic Noah's Bible flood ship MF Dnes Mladá fronta immunologist Zdeněk Hel global-risk modeling expert Jan Kulveit demographer Dagmar Dzúrová sociologist Daniel Prokop mathematician René Levinský RVZR Government Council for Health Risks MeSES ]

Glossary of difficult words

to boost - to help or encourage (something) to increase or improve;

deluge - a severe flood.


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