Final Word from Wednesday, May 26, 2021

It makes no difference who the Czech health minister is; the overall direction of Czech corona policy will not change under Adam Vojtěch. The disinformation of the ministry's vaccination campaign will continue, and children will be the main target of future restrictions. Czech health officials and the politicians they are leading by the leash will continue zealously to follow the guidance of the World Health Organization, which reveals its vaccinate-all-the-children policy in such a statement as, "Whole-population approaches to vaccination provide the best chance of reducing mortality and severe disease and minimizing the negative impacts on educational, mental and social well-being for children and young people." The next stage on the Czech level will be to encourage parents to "convince their children to get vaccinated" and to require a covid passport to go to a playground. Maybe the childless Vojtěch will even manage this in time to convince his firstborn to get vaccinated. [ Czech Republic inoculate inoculation Petr Arenberger WHO ]

Glossary of difficult words

zealously - with great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or objective;

firstborn - a person's first child.

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