Final Word from Thursday, July 22, 2021

Ex-Pres. Václav Klaus told LN this week that the UK is of course the most terrifying country in Europe in terms of the radical, progressivistic changes taking place there. Good old England is gone, he said, and when you see such a chaotic leader in charge, it brings on despair. Boris Johnson might have declared Freedom Day, Klaus said, but he doesn't believe him at all, not even that his hair is blond. In Právo today, Dir. Ladislav Dušek of the ÚZIS Institute of Health Information and Statistics said that he doesn't understand why the UK is taking such an unbelievable risk by opening up now but that it will at least allow Europe to see what it could expect if it did something similar. If it doesn't work in the UK, he said, we will know within two weeks. Is this the role of the "progressivistic" UK? It opens up early, Europe sees that it isn't working, and then Europe shuts everything down? And also concludes that it didn't work in the UK partly because they don't use mRNA vaccines there? [ Czech Republic United Kingdom president covid-19 coronavirus delta U.K. ]

Glossary of difficult words

progressivism - a political philosophy in support of social reform.

despair - the complete loss or absence of hope.

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