Final Word from Thursday, March 3, 2022

In announcing the declaration of a state of emergency yesterday to deal with the migration wave, PM Petr Fiala said that it will be different this time and won't affect people. Interior Min. Vít Rakušan said that he wants to rehabilitate the concept of "state of emergency," after the way the government of Andrej Babiš took advantage of it. It won't mean closing stores or anything like that this time, Rakušan said. Yet the cabinet's document for justifying the state of emergency specifically states that the government envisages imposing certain restrictions or obligations under the crisis law, including a work or housing obligation, and limits on property rights, ownership rights and the right to conduct business activities. That's not exactly what Fiala and Rakušan said yesterday. When Chief Justice Pavel Rychetský of the Constitutional Court said in Dec. that a state of emergency gives a government room to implement completely unrelated measures, he meant any government, not just Babiš's. [ Czech Republic Russia Ukraine war refugees ODS STAN ]

Glossary of difficult words

kinder, gentler - an allusion to U.S. Pres. George H.W. Bush, who promised a kinder, gentler nation;

to envisage - to contemplate or conceive of as a possibility or a desirable future event.


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