Final Word from Monday, January 4, 2021

Only in the covid age can "New Year's resolution" have a double meaning. As Czechs make firm decisions about improving their behavior, the Czech government is apparently about to resolve to lock them down even more. The current government resolution expires on Jan. 10, but Germany is leading the way toward an extension that will last at least until the end of this month. This will give people plenty of time to reassess their own situation and their understanding of the world. They can start by realizing that whereas 100% of Czechs are under lockdown, only 0.0082% of them are in serious covid condition. How is this disproportion even possible? Is this deadly and highly contagious disease so easy to contain that hardly anyone gets seriously ill? Or are our politicians, scientists, media and other covid elite bamboozling us? Even those who think they understand this unprecedented situation might recall the Socratic paradox - I know that I know nothing - and make it their New Year's resolution to open their mind in an effort to get a firm grip on what exactly is happening to our civilization. [ Czech Republic coronavirus covid-19 hospitalizations Socrates ]

Glossary of difficult words

to contain - to prevent (a severe problem) from spreading or intensifying;

to bamboozle - to cheat or fool;

to get a grip on - to gain a good understanding of.

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