Final Word from Monday, October 3, 2011

No one suspects the official head of TOP 09 of being a dipsomaniacprone to outbursts, so there must be another explanationfor Karel Schwarzenberg's claim on Aktuálně.cz that ČEZsponsored political parties during the reign of Martin Roman.One possibility is that it was payback to ODS for Petr Nečas'scomment about the physical and mental health of TOP's unofficialchairman, Miroslav Kalousek. However, Kalousek toldTýden that he knows nothing about such sponsorship by ČEZone way or the other. Moreover, if it were true, Kalousek wouldbe in line for a major slap on the wrist, because his oversight ofČEZ (as the one who exercises the state's majority rights) wouldbe seriously called into question. More likely, Schwarzenbergmerely wanted to be interesting. We all saw how much attentionAndrej Babiš got when he criticized Roman and the otherTuscany boys. It must have been quite a shock for the Prince tolearn that, according to an SC&C poll, Jan Fischer has twice asmuch support in direct presidential elections as he does.

Glossary of difficult words

punching bag - a person on whom another person vents his or her anger;

dipsomaniac - an alcoholic, specifically one subject to intermittent bouts of craving for alcohol;

prone to - likely to or liable to suffer from, do or experience something;

outburst - a sudden release of strong emotion;

payback - an act of revenge or retaliation;

oversight - supervision.

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