Final Word from Monday, October 2, 2023

Pres. Petr Pavel told Deník on Fri. that communications between the Czech and Slovak governments would of course be hampered to a significant degree if Robert Fico returned as Slovak PM and if his views on the EU, Nato, Russia and Ukraine as expressed in the campaign endured, because we probably wouldn't agree on these issues. Pavel said yesterday, after Fico's party won the elections, that the job of people in high positions in both countries is to make an effort so that the relations between the two countries are, and remain, as good as possible. Yet Pavel's own actions go against this sound principle. He sought to interfere in the Slovak elections by criticizing Fico and then refused to congratulate the election winner, saying instead that we must respect the outcome of the vote. The problem with Petr Pavel is that it's impossible to know whether he is simply an inexperienced head of state or whether he is intentionally trying to disrupt relations with the CR's closest friend, partner and ally. [ Czech Republic president Smer-SD ]

Glossary of difficult words

to hamper - to hinder or impede the movement or progress of;

to endure - to remain in existence; to last.


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