Final Word from Thursday, December 1, 2011

Martin Barták, a former defense minister, is going to be charged with seeking a bribein a Tatra truck deal. Martin Kvietik of Slavia Capital is suspected of taking a kickbackfor selling Škoda Plžen to Appian. Martin Roman was presumably on both sidesof that deal too and is seeing his world collapse around him. Martin Říman had toget out of the way as Roman fell upward at ČEZ. Martin Kocourek had to leave asindustry minister after his nest egg was exposed. His replacement, Martin Kuba, isnow under the magnifying glass. Martin Dvořák's head is on the block at DP Praha.Martin Knetig's sticky fingers brought down Env. Minister Pavel Drobil. Martin Borovkaof Eurovia is feeling the wrath of the VV construction mob. Martin Pecina's namekeeps coming up when analyzing the secret to Andrej Babiš's success. There's no deepmeaning here, but it does seem suddenly to be very dangerous to be named Martin.

Glossary of difficult words

peril - serious and immediate danger;

kickback - a payment made to someone who has facilitated a transaction or appointment, esp. illicitly;

nest egg - a sum of money saved for the future;

sticky fingers - a propensity to steal;

wrath - extreme anger;

mob - the mafia of other criminal organization.

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