Final Word from Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Just as ANO was about to call for a special session of Parliament about the PDZ credit union, Dir. Michal Koudelka of the BIS counterintelligence agency conveniently launched a media campaign to portray Prague as a hub for Russian influence of European politicians. One of Koudelka's favorite media outlets, Deník N, then identified Petr Bystron (Bystroň) of AfD of Germany as one of the suspects. This indirectly shines a bad light on SPD, Tricolor and ANO on grounds of guilt by association. BIS has a wide agenda, from guarding against religious terrorism to fighting illegal employment, and tracking Russian spies is certainly within its purview. But aren't the facts and suspicions laid out by Jaroslav Kmenta in Reportér magazine about Ivan Netuka, Miloš Růžička and other people at the center of Czech power a greater potential security threat than a minor opposition politician in Germany? By law, BIS reports to the government of Petr Fiala, but that doesn't mean its duty is to protect it. [ Czech Republic STAN DPP DP Praha ]

Glossary of difficult words

Dosimeter/Dozimetr - the police code name for a criminal case involving DP Praha transit company, STAN and others;

purview - the scope of the influence or concerns of something.


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