Final Word from Wednesday, May 2, 2012

After we wrote a less-than-flattering piece about Karolína Peake, one of our politically plugged-in readers warned us against being too tough on female Czech politicians. They're protected by reverse discrimination, he said. The same apparently applies to quasi- politicians, such as Chair Alena Vitásková of the ERÚ energy regulatory office. She declared last week that her office is "preparing the termination of financial support for new subsidized renewable-energy sources as of 2014," in the interest of sparing consumers the high cost. It's an admirable goal, but only after being pressed on the issue did she admit that it's entirely in the hands of politicians to do it. When Martin Veselovský of Czech Radio asked her about the high cost of enlarging Temelín, she said that this has nothing to with what she's talking about. Vitásková, as the mere energy regulator, is clearly trying to guide energy policy in a certain direction. Perhaps those who put her up to this knew it would be better received coming from a member of the fairer sex.

Glossary of difficult words

go-to guy - a person who can be relied upon for help or support;

plugged-in - aware of what is going on or what is up to date;

to spare - to refrain from inflicting something on someone;

to put someone up to something - to encourage someone to do something (wrong or unwise);

the fairer/fair sex - women.


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