Final Word from Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Politicians generally have to expect their every word to be dissected, because that's part of being in politics. Not Pres. Petr Pavel, perhaps because he's a symbol first and a politician second. His "powerful messages" are broadcast worldwide, but remarks that show him in a bad light are mostly glossed over. So when he said upon returning from Kyiv that what the Ukrainians need most is ammunition, the screens lit up. Never mind that EU Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton recently visited the CR for this very purpose, or that 24 EU member states identified the availability of ammunition on March 20 as a "critical shortfall." Pavel's comment on Sun. was reinforcement of this, but it was nothing new or newsworthy. However, what he did say that was newsworthy (at 12m) is that when Ukraine's counter­offensive begins will depend on how successful the allies are in providing enough ammunition. The headlines should have read, "Pavel says Ukraine isn't ready for counter-attack." [ Czech Republic offensive Nato counterattack ]

Glossary of difficult words

to dissect - to analyze (a text or idea) in minute detail; methodically to cut up (a body or plant) in order to study its internal parts;

to gloss over - to try to conceal or disguise (something unfavorable) by treating it briefly or representing it misleadingly;

shortfall - a deficit of something required or expected;

reinforcement - the action or process of strengthening.


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