Final Word from Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Statutes of limitations have existed since Roman times and predicate that the time allotted for taking legal action should roughly correspond to the period for which it can reasonably be assumed that evidence will exist. Despots, dictators and criminal regimes disdain such limitations, because this forces the people to live in constant fear. The origin-of-assets bill now in Parliament would essentially eliminate the statute of limitations for nonpayment of taxes by making it possible for tax offices to assess a person's income and assets and apply a forfeiture penalty of up to 100% if there is more than a Kč 7m mismatch. Andrej Babiš said in supporting the bill that the Klondike is over and that the people who got miraculously rich after 1989 should now think about this. Really? As the No. 2 beneficiary of the Klondike, shouldn't he then set an example and, before the law passes, voluntarily prove where he got the money in 2003 to take full control of Agrofert? [Czech Republic evasion Velvet Revolution PPF]

Glossary of difficult words

statute of limitations - a statute prescribing a period of limitation for the bringing of actions of certain kinds;

to predicate - to postulate or assert;

to disdain - to consider to be unworthy of one's consideration;

to assess - to estimate or evaluate;

forfeiture - confiscation.


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