Final Word from Monday, July 1, 2013

Political analysts who know Miloš Zeman say that he has a very long memory. His current behavior, they say, can be explained in large part as revenge for the way ČSSD failed to support him in the presidential election 10 years ago. Czech TV's 168 hodin based one of its segments on this premise last night. Miroslav Kalousek, who is fighting for his life as Zeman twists the knife deeper, apparently doesn't think it's so simple. He told LN that the appearance of Martin Nejedlý of Lukoil by Zeman's side corresponds from a time standpoint with Zeman's transition from a democratic politician to an autocrat. The Russians have always wanted the CR to fall within their sphere of influence, he said, and an autocratic regime is more suitable for this than a parliamentary democracy. So which is it? Revenge, which is human, or an undemocratic geopolitical realignment, which is potentially treasonous?[Czech Republic Television autocracy]

Glossary of difficult words

premise - an assertion or statement that forms the basis for a work or theory;

to twist the knife - to make a bad situation worse in a deliberately malicious way;

realignment - a change of position or attitude with regard to a person, organization or cause.


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