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On the same day that covid passports take effect across the EU, the Czech cabinet is to decide whether to ban nonessential travel to more countries. None of the new black spots are EU countries, but it is no doubt only a matter of time before some of these are added to the list. As a precursor of what is to come, Germany banned most arrivals from mainland Portugal as of Tues., regardless of vaccination status. Yet the EU's three presidents declared with great fanfare on June 14 that, "The EU Digital COVID Certificate is a symbol of what Europe stands for... [and] will again enable citizens to enjoy this most tangible and cherished of EU rights - the right to free movement." Did they know they were lying, or have events snuck up on them? We concluded in Jan. that the much-vaunted covid passports could be a smokescreen and that the covid elite might have merely wanted us to think they intended to give us our lives back. That's just about when Operation Delta was launched. [ Czech Republic passes covid-19 European Union [ Ursula von der Leyen ]

Glossary of difficult words

black spot - a place or area marked by a particular trouble or concern;

precursor - a person or thing that comes before another of the same kind; a forerunner;

fanfare - media attention or elaborate ceremony;

tangible - perceptible by touch; clear and definite; real;

to cherish - to hold something dear;

to sneak up on - to approach without being seen or heard and to surprise;

vaunted - praised;

smokescreen - a ruse designed to disguise someone's real intentions or activities.

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