Final Word from Monday, August 1, 2011

A recurrent theme in the Czech media is that the criminal elite are plundering thecountry and taking everyone else down with them. President Luboš Drobík of thePrague Business Club is one of numerous elite businessmen who have openly joinedthe protesters and are now preaching "best practices" in business and politics. In arecent interview on Czech Radio, he said that the corrupt system sucks in businesspeoplewho would otherwise behave honestly. Everybody from the large financialgroups to small entrepreneurs are bothered by what is happening, he said, but nobodyknows how to escape from the vicious circle. A listener took him to task forharboring the very kind of dishonest people in his club whom he is now railingagainst. He responded by saying that he can't reveal who his members are but thathe can name two people who were kicked out of the club: Aleš Hušák and Vít Bárta.

Glossary of difficult words

to prune - to remove superfluous or unwanted parts from something;

recurrent - occurring often or repeatedly;

best practices - generally accepted techniques that have proven over time to accomplish given tasks;

to take to task - to criticize, reprimand;

to harbor - to give a home or shelter to;

to rail against - to complain about or protest against.


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