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Martin Bursík of LES told HN that if Martin Roman of ČEZ ends up behind bars, it will be proof to him that Czech democracy works. This came a week after Ekonom declared on its cover that Roman is "condemned to elimination." Ekonom hedged its bet by saying it's also possible that Roman and his people will remain in control of ČEZ for a few more years. This seems more likely. Who, after all, would dump Roman? Jan "Photovoltaic" Fischer, who has never stood in ČEZ's way as PM or finance minister? Ex-Finance Minister (and PM hopeful) Bohuslav Sobotka, who oversaw Roman's appointment to ČEZ in 2004 and is tied to him umbilically through lawyer Radek Pokorný? ČEZ would have to become a major election topic. In this respect, Bursík isn't alone. Chair Ondřej Liška of the Greens has spoken critically of Roman as the "president of the ČEZ Republic." Andrej Babiš of ANO blames mainly ČEZ for the solar fraud and Roman for the situation at Czech Railways too. Perhaps the protest parties have found a common enemy. [Czech Republic ČEZká republika supervisory board Hospodářské noviny ČSSD power]

Glossary of difficult words

to hedge one's bet - to avoid committing oneself when faced with a difficult situation;

to dump someone - to fire someone unceremoniously;

a hopeful - a person likely or hoping to succeed;

umbilically - in a very close or inseparable way.

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