Final Word from Thursday, April 18, 2002

Commentators generally agree that once the Czech and German elections are over, the Beneš Decrees will disappear as a political issue. In the meantime, though, lines are being drawn in the sand over the Sudeten issue. ODS has been the most vocal in opposing any revision of the results of World War II, followed at a close distance by ČSSD. Jan Ruml of US-DEU has spoken in favor of giving symbolic compensation to Sudeten Germans mistreated after the war, but the Coalition as such has opposed this. Martin Komárek of MF Dnes and political analyst Jiří Pehe have also written in favor of making a gesture toward mistreated Germans. To others, this would represent an unacceptable admission of guilt, with an uncertain outcome. Pavel Verner of Právo pointed out how difficult it would be to grant symbolic compensation that satisfies anyone.


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