Final Word from Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Since the talented and ambitious Jana Bobošíková took over as moderator of TV Nova's influential "7" debate program, the show's bias toward ODS has become apparent. On Sun., for example, she repeatedly took jabs at Miloš Zeman for such things as the performance of ministers Stanislav Gross and Karel Březina, but - to use the words of Jaroslav Plesl of Lidové noviny - she willingly let Václav Klaus jump whimsically from topic to topic. Klaus, for example, didn't have to answer any questions about Shadow Finance Minister Vlastimil Tlustý's performance at Konsolidační agentura. Was Bobošíková installed at "7" by Vladimír Železný to serve ODS prior to the elections? Her like-mindedness with ODS on some issues certainly could have been a factor. One informed reader said he thinks her next ambition is to become ODS's culture minister.


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