Final Word from Tuesday, June 11, 2002

ODS Chair Václav Klaus has been nearly everywhere in the past few days - in the papers, on the TV, on the radio and on everyone's mind. Petr Šimůnek of MF Dnes wrote today that many people are simply sick of Klaus. This is quite a statement from the deputy editor of a paper that until recently appeared strongly to favor Klaus in the elections. Šimůnek now says that Klaus has started to repulse more people than he attracts. It seems that Klaus' constant appearances in the media and his ever-present face on campaign posters have suddenly become a liability for his party. When ODS launched its "10 commandments" election strategy in Feb., some analysts said the party risked an anticlimactic finish to the campaign. They have been proven right. Klaus, today, hasn't looked so vulnerable since he was swept from power in late 1997.


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