Final Word from Friday, April 4, 2003

Saddam Hussein is in a tight spot as coalition forces surround Baghdad, and it's not clear what his next move will be. We suggest that he try the Zeman strategy. According to some observers, when Miloš Zeman exited from politics, he was expecting to go into self-imposed exile at his cottage for only a short while, wait for ČSSD to lose the June 2002 elections, and then return triumphantly as the party's savior. Saddam could try something similar. Since Iraq is the "cleanest country in the world" in terms of weapons of mass destruction, he could go into exile to a friendly country, watch the Americans win the war but embarrass themselves by not finding any banned weapons, and then return triumphantly to win democratic elections in Iraq. That would sure show the Americans! (Don't tell Saddam that things didn't exactly work out for Zeman the way he planned.)


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