Final Word from Friday, August 1, 2003

Václav Havel, Foreign Minister Cyril Svoboda and U.S. Amb. Craig Stapleton are increasingly defining themselves in terms of their opposition to Václav Klaus. This is an entirely legitimate strategy, but it puts Klaus constantly at the center of political activity. Most recently, Havel gave Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones a "Fuck the Communists" T-shirt that was an indirect swipe at Klaus, who got elected with Communist support. Svoboda's latest anti-Klaus move was to offer a key ambassadorial post to Tomáš Klvaňa, who resigned as the president's spokesman and who has no diplomatic experience. In terms of Stapleton, there are rumors that his own anti-Klaus tactic (doting on Špidla and Havel) is a stepping stone to a more senior position in the next Bush administration. Interestingly, Špidla isn't playing the anti-Klaus card. In interviews, he consistently states that Klaus has his full respect as president. KSČM


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