Final Word from Thursday, April 22, 2004

John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, is a big opponent of offshoring and outsourcing. He wants to cut taxes for 90% of American companies by eliminating what he calls the tax subsidies paid to "traitors" who send jobs overseas. He got into deep ketchup, though, when it came out that H.J. Heinz has moved much of its production abroad. His wife married into the Heinz family and inherited her previous husband's fortune. H.J. Heinz was put in the uncomfortable position of having to distance itself from the man who might be the next president of the U.S. In the CR, Heinz sells dozens of products, but it doesn't actually make any of them here. Its ketchup comes from Poland, its sauces from Holland. It used to make the well-known Czech infant formula Sunar in Zábřeh, but it sold the plant in 1999 and now offshores the production to the U.K. UK HJ


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