Final Word from Friday, July 9, 2004

Baby Face Nelson, a notorious gangster, was so ruthless that even Al Capone didn't want to work with him. Baby Face Gross is no Baby Face Nelson, but ODS Chair Mirek Topolánek and ex-Premier Miloš Zeman have started talking about Stan's corruptive and mobster tendencies. Gross has openly offered jobs for votes and is suspected of much worse. To get confirmation for his cabinet, he'll still need to win support from the Zemanites. Jobs, bribes or privatization goodies might work on some, but Alexandr Mitrofanov of Právo suggested that extortion might be what it takes to bring the biggest troublemakers into line. The financial markets have already basically decided that Gross is going to succeed in forming a government. On the surface this suggests that traders in London think that Gross is a rather ruthless SOB who can even get Zeman "out of the way." mafia Stanislav son of bitch chairman


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