Final Word from Thursday, February 15, 2007

Whenever Václav Klaus makes a sharp remark about climate change or EU integration, the media are quick to report the scandal. But when Klaus took the time in HN last week to explain his refusal to adopt a politically correct tone on such issues, hardly anyone noticed. It's a pity, because the more the world's problems mount, the less the world shows a desire to resolve them. Political correctness, as Klaus said, is retarding our development. Certainly, carbon emissions are worthy of debate, but they'll take care of themselves if the world's factories start to sputter out. Our biggest problems are financial in nature: Debt that can never be repaid, and a "rich" world that fails to realize it is actually close to broke. What can't go on forever must eventually stop. Debate on how to engineer a soft landing is far more important than discussion on a new EU constitution, unless, of course, therein lies the solution.[Czech Republic Hospodářské noviny carbon dioxide pollution treaty]


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