Final Word from Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It's hypocritical of ČSSD to lambast ODS for taking steps that lead to higher electricity rates. After all, it was ČSSD's government that put in place the stock-option program that has turned ČEZ's managers into mercenaries. Still, when ex-Industry Minister Milan Urban criticizes his successor, Martin Říman, it hits the right chord with the public. Urban said on Impuls Radio that Říman pushed the idea of an energy exchange because it would lower electricity prices, but now it's clear that it will actually push electric rates up to the German level very quickly. ČSSD also wonders how an industry minister can say the CR has too much industry. At least in this respect, Říman is practicing what he preaches. By jumping into bed with ČEZ, he's helping to price manufacturers out of the market by raising their electric bills to uncompetitive levels. Many will have no choice but to go East or go under.[Czech Republic Germany industrial motivational]


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