Final Word from Thursday, May 17, 2007

Whom should PM Mirek Topolánek call if he wants to speak to Czech business? Should it be CEO Martin Roman of ČEZ, his favored golfing partner, whose electricity rate hikes are increasingly seen as anti-business? Should it be President Jaroslav Míl of the Confederation of Industry, who fears criticizing Topolánek's reforms because he wants a seat in the cabinet? Should it be President Jaromír Drábek of the Economic Chamber, a frustrated KDU politician? Or perhaps Chair Milan Štěch of the ČMKOS labor union, an in-your-face senator from rival ČSSD? Financial analysts, whose comments are often self-serving? Other special-interest groups or trade associations? The truth is that the business community doesn't have a single number to call. It's not entirely Topolánek's fault that he isn't listening to the business voice on reform, because it can't be heard above all the noise.[Czech Republic prime minister premier Transportation]


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