Final Word from Monday, May 21, 2007

Prague Mayor Pavel Bém is on top of the world, the newspapers are saying, now that he has successfully climbed Mount Everest. His achievement means the debate starts in earnest about what this will do for his political career. It will undoubtedly make him stand out even more from the mediocre world of Czech politics. Excellence in something, whether mountain climbing, law, medicine, business or any other worthwhile endeavor, should be a prerequisite for being in politics. Instead, excellence from Czech politicians is something that surprises us. Some politicians blame this on party systems that allow untalented and envious politicians to block the rise of outstanding candidates. Others say it's hard to attract prominent candidates because they fear politics would tarnish their image. In a small way at least, Bém's achievement might make Czech politics a more honorable profession.[Czech Republic ODS Mt.]


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