Final Word from Thursday, May 31, 2007

Corp. Walter O'Reilly was called "Radar" because he could sense what was on the horizon. Tomáš Klvaňa, the CR's new spokesman for missile defense, has dubbed himself "Mr. Radar" but lacks O'Reilly's premonitory powers. There's fresh bad news about missile defense by the day, but it isn't being factored into the debate. In the past week, China was reported to be boosting its second-strike nuclear capability, partly in reaction to U.S. missile defense; Russia tested an ICBM that could reportedly take out the Czech radar within 10-15 minutes of a U.S. strike; Austria's president told Russia that all countries directly or indirectly involved should be consulted. Asked if there's still room to say No to the U.S, Klvaňa said there is, but only if the treaty itself doesn't satisfy the government. World War III could be on the horizon, but the Czech government would still be blind with radar love.[Czech Republic MDI Chinese intercontinental ballistic missile atomic Heinz Fischer MASH M*A*S*H]


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