Final Word from Thursday, July 12, 2007

Before we even know what the coalition's tax plans contain, it seems they're going to be shelved until later. MP Vlastimil Tlustý of ODS raised this possibility, and the momentum is building after similar remarks from Finance Minister Miroslav Kalousek, commentator Pavel Páral of MFD and ODS pundit Miroslav Macek. Some people - including the unions and meal-ticket issuers - will be happy. Some will be sad, such as those wanting social-security caps. Most will hardly notice, because they've lost interest. Conspiracy theorist Michael Moore says in "Sicko" that the two key ways for governments to control us are through fear and demoralization. Fearless, confident citizens wouldn't let politicians get away with all this crap. Which raises the Moore-like question of whether botching and delaying the tax reforms is mere incompetence, or whether it's part of a nefarious scheme to demoralize us and really sock it to us next time.[Czech Republic MF Dnes vouchers health insurance taxes]


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