Final Word from Thursday, July 26, 2007

Many of the same U.S. politicians who backed the wrong decision to invade Iraq, such as Hillary Clinton, are now backing the wrong decision to pull out early. In both cases, the wrong decision contributes to the decline of the U.S. and, ultimately, to the decline of the entire Western world. Henry Kissinger wrote on July 8 that the collapse of the U.S. effort in Iraq would be a geopolitical calamity. He argued for a negotiated political solution. Events in Iraq have deteriorated too far to write this war off as a Bush folly that affects only the U.S. The CR is also at war, but it pays more attention to the possibility of a future attack by Iran than it does to its own troops on the ground in Iraq today. With the radar issue, the CR has won a bigger voice in global affairs than its size suggests. It should use this voice to push for a solution in Iraq that doesn't compound the mistakes already made.[Czech Republic United States of America USA]


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