Final Word from Friday, November 30, 2007

Anyone driving a fancy car around Prague should be shaking with fear in his hand-sewn leather seat after the police said the murder of a Bentley driver looked like a "random robbery." Four shots to the head and chest at close range are now the modus operandi of common thieves, if we're to believe the police. This is about as credible as the claim that a deputy Prague police chief stabbed himself 29 times before hanging himself in 2005. With their ridiculous explanations, the police are apparently trying to cover up serious crime linked to the underworld. This is good news for law-abiding citizens, including rich ones, because it means they aren't likely to be "randomly" gunned down in the streets or "suicided" at home. But it's devastating for the image of the police. They would be much more credible if they said the Bentley driver was perhaps knocked off as a warning to his boss, CEO Aleš Hušák of Sazka. But that would open a can of worms the size of Sazka Arena.[Czech Republic lottery suicide organized crime mafia]


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