Final Word from Tuesday, June 9, 2009

If you buy the argument that Václav Klaus helped engineer the collapse of the Topolánek government on March 24, or at least participated passively in it, you probably see him as one of the main losers of the EU elections. If Klaus's unuttered wish is to push aside Mirek Topolánek, cause the partial disintegration of ODS, and come back triumphantly as the spiritual leader of a new, consolidated right, the outcome so far is nearly the opposite. Topolánek is on yet another roll, and Klaus looks increasingly like the tired old uncle who still commands respect but who attracts the most attention when he has his senior moments. Klaus's circle of political supporters is narrowing rapidly, and he might now be just one election away from near-complete irrelevance. It wouldn't be so surprising if Klaus now felt the need to postpone the early elections in order to regroup, or at least to put off the inevitable.[Czech Republic European Union parliament ODS]

Glossary of difficult words

to buy (an argument) - to accept, believe;

unuttered - not spoken or expressed;

to be on a roll - to experience a prolonged spell of success or good luck;

senior moment - a temporary mental lapse (humorously attributed to the gradual loss of one's mental faculties as one grows older);

early parliamentary elections - tentatively scheduled for Oct.;

to regroup - to reassemble into an organized group, typically after being attacked or defeated;

the inevitable - a situation that cannot be avoided.


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