Final Word from Monday, June 7, 2010

Depending on whom you ask, Miroslav Kalousek of TOP 09 is going to be finance minister, defense minister or labor minister in the next Czech government. Finance minister if he gets his way, defense minister if Petr Nečas of ODS decides to try to discredit him by returning him to the scene of the (first) crime, and labor minister if Nečas merely chooses to marginalize and belittle him. Where Kalousek ends up will say much about Nečas's true position of power as PM. Nečas stresses the need for his cabinet to be made up of people with a high level of credibility, and Kalousek is the biggest fly in the ointment (followed closely by his arch rival, Vít Bárta of VV). Kalousek himself says that the coalition government does not rise or fall with him. The ideal solution would be to take this statement at face value and find Kalousek a significant non-cabinet post that has minimal budgetary or legislative influence. Alas, the options are few and far between, esp. given Kalousek's poor foreign-language abilities. Anyone for ambassador to Slovakia?[Czech Republic Věci veřejné]

Glossary of difficult words

to get/have one's (own) way - to get or do what one wants in spite of opposition;

to belittle - to make someone or something seem unimportant;

a fly in the ointment - a minor irritation that spoils the success or enjoyment of something;

few and far between - scarce; infrequent.


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