Final Word from Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Do Europe and the Czech Republic have a death wish? Not only are they borrowing immense amounts of money to combat a crisis brought about by borrowing immense amounts of money, but they are also planning to raise taxes to resolve the problem of too much government spending and too much theft. An argument can be made for redistributing the tax burden so that the tax dodgers and wealthy pay more, but an overall rise in taxes will merely make Europe less competitive and contribute to the further shift in wealth and power to Asia. It is a spiral that will culminate in the extinction of Western civilization as we know it. Finance Minister Eduard Janota should be castigated for saying that one-third of budget savings must come from higher taxes and (only) two-thirds from cuts. Instead, the Czech media are beginning to accept his words as self-evident. The folly of man perverteth his way.[Union EU VAT Proverbs 1:3 China]

Glossary of difficult words

folly - lack of good sense; foolishness; a foolish act, idea or practice;

death wish - a desire for someone's death, esp. an unconscious desire for one's own death;

tax dodger - a person who engages in cunning tricks or dishonest practices to avoid paying taxes;

spiral - a process of deterioration through the continuous increase or decrease of a specified feature;

extinction - the state or process of ceasing to exist;

to castigate - to reprimand someone severely;

self-evident - obvious; not needing to be demonstrated or explained;

the folly of man perverteth his way - (Proverbs 19:3) the foolishness of man ruins his own life.


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