Final Word from Friday, July 30, 2010

ODS still needs to be saved from itself, esp. in Prague. Václav Klaus jumped into the fray this week over the attempted move of Alfons Mucha's Slavic Epic from Moravský Krumlov to Prague, and his concern about the outcome of the upcoming municipal elections in the capital is one possible explanation for his action. If ODS does poorly in Oct. and TOP 09 is able to install Zdeněk Tůma as mayor, not only will the business model at Prague city hall be jeopardized, but so might the succession at the Castle. Tůma, like Karel Schwarzenberg, would become a viable candidate for president in 2013, giving the power center headed by Zdeněk Bakala - and including Václav Havel - a significant chance to reclaim the presidency. No one expects Klaus to roll over and play dead when he leaves office, so it's logical to assume that he and his handlers will want to do whatever possible to keep Tůma's mayoral chances down. Which means that for once, ODS in Prague needs to think a bit more about political strategy than the usual profit-taking.[Czech Republic president presidential elections]

Glossary of difficult words

Klaus - he called the mayor and Moravský Krumlov and supported the mayor's efforts to keep the Slavic Epic in Krumlov;

the fray - a situation of intense activity, typically one incorporating an element of aggression of competition;

to jeopardize something - to put something at risk;

succession - the right or sequence of inheriting a position, title, etc.;

to roll over and play dead - to give up and stop dealing with a problem or issue;

handler - a person who advises on and directs the activities of a politician or other public figure.


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