Final Word from Friday, August 20, 2010

It flies in the face of Václav Klaus's no-vacation decree, but some TV stations are running reruns of their interview shows this summer. One recent show worth watching again was Barbora Tachecí's "Fakta" with actress Květa Fialová on TV Prima. Fialová, a former sex symbol who turns 81 soon, denied Tachecí's assertion that she has a reserved approach to men and said that women simply need to accept that men are an entirely different species. They think differently, she said, and if they think at all, it's about sexual tourism. Of course her ex-husband, whom she buried last year, was no sexual tourist, but she said it wouldn't have bothered her if some other woman had done the dirty work of sex for her. She said she hates sex, sports and politics. Everyone knows that women live longer than men, but perhaps someone should do a study to determine who many men are dying early to get away from their wife.[Czech Republic television facts]

Glossary of difficult words

afterlife - life after death; the next world;

to fly in the face of - to be openly at odds or variance with (what is usual or expected];

no-vacation degree - Klaus said that the cabinet has too much work to go on vacation;

to bury someone - to lose someone (typically a relative) through death.


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