Final Word from Monday, September 6, 2010

For more than a decade, nearly the only thing the pro-Klaus and anti-Klaus camps could agree on was that all of Czech politics revolved around Václav Klaus. You'll still hear the occasional "nothing will change until Klaus is gone," but increasingly this same line is being used for Miroslav Kalousek. The omnipresent finance minister has a hand - or his fingers - in everything. Will a no-savings budget be adopted that favors huge investment projects to the detriment of public-sector jobs and social benefits? Kalousek decides. Will the tender process be cleaned up? Kalousek (probably) decides. Will Senior State Prosecutor Renata Vesecká be sacked? Again, Kalousek (probably) decides. In many ways, Kalousek is the leading current promoter of Klausian politics. It's ironic, then, that his two biggest political enablers, Karel Schwarzenberg and Zdeněk Tůma, have traditionally been in the anti-Klaus camp.[Czech Republic TOP 09 ODS chief attorney]

Glossary of difficult words

to turn around/revolve around - to be the center of focus; to treat at the most important point or element;

omnipresent - widely or constantly encountered; present everywhere;

to have a hand in something - to be involved in something;

to have one's fingers in something/everything - (more pejorative than "hand") to be involved in something;

no-savings - providing no savings over the past year's budget;

detriment - harm or damage;

enabler - one who makes something possible.


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