Final Word from Monday, September 27, 2010

There are 41 main chapters to the 2011 Czech budget, and spending cuts are planned in 29 of them. In the remaining 12 chapters, the budget increases are at times shocking. Never heard of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic? Its budget will rise next year by a staggering 1,535%, to Kč 849.5m. Most of this money, Kč 780m, will be passed on as subsidies to "other entities." At the regional-development ministry, spending will rise by 285%, to Kč 31.3bn. Most of this, Kč 29.9bn, will go toward "support for regional development and tourism." At the agriculture ministry, run by Miroslav Kalousek's loyal friend Ivan Fuksa, the spending increase will be 30%, to Kč 51.3bn, of which Kč 42.7bn will go toward "support of the agri-food complex." Are you beginning to get the picture? The biggest budget increases are in subsidy-rich areas that are the most difficult for the public to monitor and control. [Czech Republic finance minister 2010 state budget farm]

Glossary of difficult words

2011 Czech budget - if the link does not work, go to the search window and type in "rozpočtu" (not "rozpočet); 

staggering - astonishing or deeply shocking; 

to get the picture - to understand a situation.


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