Final Word from Thursday, November 18, 2010

It took the announcement of an ODS-ČSSD coalition in Prague on Tues. to evoke some emotion from would-be mayor Zdeněk Tůma of TOP 09. If he had shown a bit more pizzazz before the elections, the "godfather coalition of the corrupt cartel" (as Miroslav Kalousek of TOP refers to it) might not have materialized. TOP had the anger of voters behind it but failed to tap into it sufficiently at the polls. It was partly Tůma's fault for being so drab, but the blame also goes to Kalousek for representing the same kind of corruption that many Prague voters wanted to do away with. If Tůma had become mayor, we would soon be reading about how Kalousek's buddy Richard Háva was manipulating the Prague zoning process. It's not unreasonable to assume that Kalousek's fulminations against the "corrupt cartel" are in fact a way to secure a place for his pals at the invitation-only, all-you-can-eat Prague trough. TOP is deceiving itself and its fans when it pretends that it doesn't suffer from the same ailments that afflict ODS and ČSSD.[Czech Republic 4K Kmotrovská koalice korupního kartelu land-use gangster mafia grand coalition]

Glossary of difficult words

self-reflection - meditation or serious though about one's character, actions or motives; 

would-be - desiring or aspiring to be; 

pizzazz - vigorous spirit; energy or excitement; 

coalition - if TOP 09 had won somewhat more votes, ODS and ČSSD would not have had enough votes to form a coalition; 

drab - lacking brightness or interest; drearily dull; 

to do away with something - to put an end to; to remove; 

zoning - land use; 

fulmination - an expression of vehement protest; 

trough (rhymes with off) - a long, narrow open container for animals to eat or drink from; 

to afflict - to affect or trouble.


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