Final Word from Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Miroslav Motejlek's new weekly show on Z1 TV, "Big Byznys", gives viewers a unique chance to see leading Czech byznysmeni who rarely show their faces on the airwaves. We intentionally use the Czech spelling of "byznys," because this is very much a "Czech way" affair. Motejlek's first guest was Andrej Babiš of Agrofert, last night it was Dan Křetínský of EPH, and next week it will be Josef Janov of Penta. Sponsors last night were Sazka and PPF, and Z1 is of course owned by J&T. Given Křetínský's direct link to J&T, Motejlek couldn't be expected to ask any tough questions, such as whether it will be Křetínský or Martin Roman of ČEZ who is sacked if Brussels fines ČEZ Kč 10-15bn for antitrust violations or orders its break-up, as some people expect. While watching Z1, it's useful to recall Patrik Tkáč's comment about launching the station in part so that J&T's rivals will think twice before attacking it.[Czech Republic EP Holding PPF Daniel European Union]

Glossary of difficult words

airwave - the medium used for transmission of radio and television signals; 

EPH - EP Holding, a joint venture of J&T, PPF and Daniel Křetínský; 

to sack - to dismiss from employment, fire; 

break-up/breakup - the action or process of selling off business interests or investments; divestiture.


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