Final Word from Monday, December 20, 2010

Is the Pavel Drobil scandal at the environment ministry the event that brings down the government of Petr Nečas and ushers in a grand coalition of ODS and ČSSD on the national level? Probably not, although anything is possible. It's more likely a warm-up round that determines which side everyone is on, that weakens the government, and that makes it easier to execute the real thing once the time is right. It might not even be clear for several weeks what exactly has happened during these two weeks before Christmas. One thing does seem clear already, though. Those calling for the departure of Nečas and the installation of a true anti-corruption cabinet are playing into the hands of those who want just the opposite. Whatever comes next will inevitably be a harder-line government that dispenses with the niceties and that takes no prisoners in pushing the interests of the political and financial elite.[Czech Republic environmental ministry SFŽP Libor Michálek]

Glossary of difficult words

last stand - final effort to hold one's ground against an opposing force or to resist it;

to usher in - to cause or mark the start of something new;

warm-up - a period before a game, performance or exercise session involving gentle exercise or practice;

inevitably - unavoidably;

hard-line - uncompromising; strict;

to dispense with - to get rid of, dispose of, discard;

nicety - a minor aspect of polite social behavior; a detail of etiquette;

to take no prisoners - to be ruthlessly aggressive or uncompromising in the pursuit of one's objectives.


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