Final Word from Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It won't mean much to most non-Czech readers, but the mere mention of "truth and love" immediately brings Václav Havel to the mind of any Czech with a brain. It dates back to his 1989 speech about truth and love prevailing over lies and hate, but it was expanded by the Klaus crowd to mean any bleeding heart who fawns on Havel (or whom Havel fawns on). For the past two weeks, a list of 200 "truth-and-loveniks" who are always game to sign a petition against anything Klausian has been making the rounds. Some people were angered to be included on it, others were angered not to be, but the question everyone had was whether it was sanctioned by the Professor himself. We finally got a partial answer on Saturday. Klaus told LN that Adam B. Bartoš's blog about perpetual petitioners was "brilliant." It will likely go down in history as the closest thing we ever get to a Klaus *hit list.[Czech Republic shit list prava a láska]

Glossary of difficult words

*hit list - a play on words - 1) a shit list is a list of people whom one dislikes or plans to harm; 2) a hit list is list of people to be killed for criminal or political reasons;

crowd - (informal and often derogatory) a group of people who are linked by a common interest or activity;

bleeding heart - (informal and derogatory) a person considered to be dangerously softhearted, typically someone considered too liberal in political beliefs;

to fawn on - to give a servile display of exaggerated flattery or affection, typically in order to gain favor or advantage;

truth-and-lovenik - (our invention, derived in the same way as "peacenik");

to be game - to be eager or willing;

to make the rounds - to be passed from one person to another;

the Professor - a common nickname for Klaus.


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